Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program

Southwest Arkansas Development Council’s Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides families with short-term fuel assistance. Persons receiving LIHEAP are connected to family development resources, which provide a link to long-term resources to help families become self-reliant. In addition, the Emergency Food and Shelter program utilizes FEMA funds to assist eligible households with utility bills.

Information you must have to apply for LIHEAP Assistance:

  1. Proof of all household income for the month prior to the month of application.This would include all check stubs, child support, unemployment compensation, housing utility assistance, SSI, SSA, TEA, VA and any retirement benefits. A current copy of income verification will be required with all applications.
  2. Know the birth dates and social security numbers for all household members.
  3. Have a copy of bill or shut off notice for which assistance is requested.
  4. Have knowledge of resources such as amount of money in the bank, value of owned property, other assets, etc. Verification may be required.
  5. Have current verification of any and all contributions from family and friends.If you have zero or inadequate income you will need written collateral statements verifying how you pay your bills.
  6. Knowledge of where all household members are currently employed or where they were last employed and the date of last employment for all household members. Any unemployed household members 18+ must present verification of status of unemployment. For High School students 18 years or older a letter from the High School must be provided to verify their enrollment.
  7. If both parents do not live in the home, you will need proof of whether or not child support is received.
  8. If any subsidized housing is received, you will need proof of whether or not utility assistance is received.
  9. Regular LIHEAP will not prevent a shut-off.

The agency has up to 35 days to process your application. Applications are processed as quickly as possible. No calls will be made to a utility company for the regular assistance program.You will receive a Notice of Action by mail.

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