Brochures and Applications

Downloadable Brochures and Applications

This page has been setup to provide you with a central location to find downloadable versions of brochures, applications and other printed resources pertaining to the various programs provided by the Southwest Arkansas Development Council.  We try to keep this information current, but with new policies and procedures being announced all the the time, please realize that any information here is subject to change and that visiting the website of the various governing agencies will always provide the latest information that will supercede anything provide here.

LIHEAP Brochure – View the details of what the LIHEAP program can do for you.

Income Eligibility Chart – Download the chart that is used to determine your eligibility for various programs.

Federal Poverty Level – This document explains and details the Federal Poverty Guidelines used by various SWADC programs.

CAP 60 Intake Form – Download this document for any SWADC agency services.


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